WONCAn hallitukseen/johtokuntaan haetaan nuorta lääkäriä



Wonca World Council, at its June 2013 meeting, approved the expansion of the WONCA Executive to include a junior doctor to represent the views of the Young Doctors movements of WONCA, and of the junior members of WONCA generally.

In due course it is hoped that this representative will be selected by the Young Doctors Movemements themselves, and WONCA Executive will discuss that process more fully at its next full Executive meeting. However the interim Executive has been mandated by the Council to make this appointment, which it would like to do prior to the next full Executive meeting in January 2014.

WONCA Executive now invites applications for the position, which will be for a three-year term, until the next WONCA World Council in late October 2016. Terms of Reference for the post, including application process, are attached to this message


Katso lisätietoja: Junior Doctor WONCA Executive Committee Member